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1990s Korg Wavestation Wave Sequencing Vector Synthesizer

1990s Korg Wavestation Wave Sequencing Vector Synthesizer

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Korg Wavestation

A hugely successful synthesiser for Korg in the early 1990s, the Korg Wavestation is what's known as a vector synthesizer (borrowed from Sequential's R&D) and is capable of what's known as "wave sequencing", a very interesting form of synthesis indeed! To briefly explain, wave sequencing is when sampled audio is chopped up and sequenced in a cross faded format, creating some extremely dynamic and continuously changing sounds. The samples come loaded into the Wavestation's built in ROM and are fully programmable. The synth is capable of some seriously lush pads, ambient sounds and crazy effects; sounds that are not possible on subtractive or FM synthesisers. You can quite literally play an entire soundtrack style sequence by pressing just one key. Make no mistake, this keyboard changed the synthesiser world drastically and is still widely used today.

This particular unit is in very good condition - there is barely a mark on it and the keybed seems as if it has barely been touched! All buttons and programs work perfectly and the vector joystick is super fun. Please note this unit is 100V AC.


Make: Korg

Model: Wavestation

Origin: Japan, Early 1990s

Body: Metal

Keys: 61 Full Size Keys, Velocity and Aftertouch

Polyphony: 32 Voices, 16 Part Multitimbrality 

Oscillators: Digital Synth with 2MB ROM Samples, Vector Synthesis, Wave Sequencing

LFO: 2 x 32 – Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Ramp

Effects: Pitch/Modulation, Vector Joystick

Filter: Low Pass

Memory: 150 Patch Memory, 2MB ROM Samples

Control: MIDI 8 Channels

Weight: 12.5kg

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