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Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer

Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer

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The FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer is the fastest feedback suppressor on the market, with a response time of less than 0.2 seconds. Whether you use it to kill feedback dead in its tracks for your mains and/or monitors, or as a sophisticated parametric equalizer to fine-tune the acoustics of your next gig, the FBQ1000 will bring a new level of finesse to your sound. And if you use in-ear-monitors, the FBQ1000 is a must-have to protect your most valuable assets – your ears!
Using an ultra-fast feedback detection algorithm, the FBQ1000 automatically and “intelligently” locates up to 12 feedback frequencies per channel. The algorithm then sets extremely narrow notch filters (up to 1/60th of an octave) to “destroy” feedback frequencies, leaving the remainder of your signal virtually untouched. And with the “Set-and-Forget” default setting, your Feedback Destroyer can be up and running in a matter of seconds.
• High-performance 2-channel Feedback Destroyer and Parametric EQ
• Automatically and "intelligently" locates and destroys up to 24 frequencies
• Ultra-narrow FBQ filters for extremely effective feedback suppression, while keeping highest sonic quality
• "Set-and-forget" default setting enables immediate and super-easy Feedback Destroyer performance
• Auto mode continuously monitors the mix and automatically sets filters
• Single-Shot mode automatically detects and destroys feedback plus locks the filter until you reset it manually
• Manual mode allows setting of up to 24 fully parametric filters with individual frequency, bandwidth and gain parameters
• Extensive MIDI implementation and user preset memories for instant program recalls
• Balanced inputs and servo-balanced outputs with ¼'' TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
• Designed and engineered in Germany

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