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Behringer SYSTEM35 Complete Modular Synth

Behringer SYSTEM35 Complete Modular Synth

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Complete "System 35" Modular Synthesizer with 25 Modules, MIDI-to-CV Converter and EURORACK GO case

The SYSTEM 35 is an amazing tool for those who are just starting down the psychedelic, neon-bathed road of modular synthesis. This whole setup comes equipped with two 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVERS, four 921B VCOs and a 921 VCO all of which provide five fully featured voices that you can adjust and tweak any way you want! The two CP3A-M MIXER modules allow you to mix up to four inputs each which you can then patch out to other modules. Want a nice pad to your song? Have one signal go to a delay module and have another go into a step sequencer or other modules in the SYSTEM 35 for more intricate patches and hours and hours of fun! The SYSTEM 35 also includes the CP35 ATTENUATOR module with 4 linked attenuators and two sets of 4 multiples and reference voltages. Connecting a single signal to the CP35’s first input will allow it to pass to all 4 outputs. This allows you to have up to 4 variable outputs of a single signal source. Also included are two banks of 4-point multiple circuits for you to be able to route multiple copies of input signals to other modules.

  • Pre-assembled ”System 35“ modular synthesizer with 25 vintage-sounding modules from the ’70s
  • 2x 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVER with 4x 921B VCOs and 1x 921 VCO provide you with 5 fully featured voices
  • 1x 914 FIXED FILTER BANK with 12 active bandpass filters ranging from 125 Hz - 5.6 kHz and LP/HP filters
  • 1x 923 FILTERS modules with 6 dB low and high pass filters and white/pink noise sources
  • 1x 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES module allows CV mixing and switching with 1 inverting attenuator
  • 2x CP3A-module allows CV mixing and switching for the VCOs with 1 attenuator
  • 2x CP3A-M 4 input mixer with master level, 4 outputs, and 2 sets of 4 multiples
  • 1x CP35 ATTENUATORS module with 4 linked attenuators, 2 sets of 4 multiples, and reference voltages
  • 1x 961 INTERFACE module converts multiple V-trig to S-trig for compatibility with other Eurorack modules
  • 3x 911 ENVELOPE GENERATORS with S-trig inputs and CV outputs
  • 3x 902 VOLTAGE-CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER with 3 summed CV inputs and dual audio inputs and outputs
  • 1x BP12 and 3x BP2 blank panels for a total of 18 HP expansion space
  • 1x CM1A MIDI-to-CV converter enables control via MIDI keyboards or DAW, V-trig, or S-trig outputs
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