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Behringer UV1 Mic Preamp Voice Processor Interface

Behringer UV1 Mic Preamp Voice Processor Interface

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Audiophile Mic Preamplifier, Voice Processor and 192 kHz USB Audio Interface

When it comes to vocals, sound engineers become critical and often prefer a channel strip over a mixing console because of its outstanding sound quality and flexibility. The ULTRAVOICE UV1 is a full-featured channel strip with high-end microphone preamplifier, versatile sound processing features, and the free choice to play out the processed sound via balanced analog outputs or pass it on to the internal USB interface.

  • Pristine Midas-designed preamplifier for all microphone and line-level sources
  • Perfectly matches your studio, live and pro recording environment
  • High-quality mic processor allows you to optimize your recordings
  • Audiophile 192 kHz USB audio interface to connect directly to your computer
  • Flexible Compressor for "inaudible" level control and creative sound processing
  • Effective De-esser for quick removal of excessive sibilance from your vocal track
  • Integrated dynamic Enhancer adds high frequencies, lost through compression
  • True RMS expander for extremely smooth noise reduction
  • Send and Return connectors allow you to add external processors
  • Input/playback mix control to balance between direct monitor and USB playback signal
  • Accurate LED metering for level and processing indication
  • Inputs and outputs on ¼" TRS, XLR and Combo connectors
  • Illuminated switches ensure perfect operation in dark stage and studio environments
  • Internal switch-mode power supply (100 - 240 V~) for noise-free audio and low power consumption
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