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Behringer VMX1000USB Pro DJ Mixer

Behringer VMX1000USB Pro DJ Mixer

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The 7-channel VMX1000USB DJ Mixer is designed to connect directly to your computer and take your music straight into the digital realm. In an instant, the VMX1000USB allows you to record and play any digital music file from your PC or Mac* computer – with no setup drivers required!

Dual intelligent, built-in BPM (Beats per Minute) counters with Sync Lock and Beat Assist help keep your tracks in sync – plus our VCA-controlled faders and crossfader ensure flawless performance.

The VMX1000USB also features our proprietary XPQ 3D Surround effect, which allows you to expand the stereo image to create an awesome experience for your audience. We’ve also included a free download for a massive software bundle that will transform your computer into a full-fledged music production and editing studio!
• Professional 7-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps
• Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file. Works with your PC or Mac* computer—no setup or drivers required
• Massive software bundle including Audacity* vinyl restoration and recording, Podifier* and Golden Ear* podcasting software downloadable at
• Intelligent, dual BPM counter
• Super-smooth, long-life ULTRAGLIDE faders (up to 500,000 cycles)
• VCA-controlled crossfader for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance
• Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing styles
• Awesome XPQ stereo surround effect
• 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) with EQ on/off switch on stereo channels, Gain control and precise level meter per channel
• Monitor function with PFL/main balance control and Split option
• Automatic talkover function with separate Depth and Sensitivity control
• Balanced Main and additional zone outputs
• Subwoofer output with adjustable x-over frequency and level control for separate bass amplification
• Gold-plated RCA connectors for highest signal integrity
• Designed and engineered in Germany

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