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LR Baggs XBridge Fixed Bridge Gold

LR Baggs XBridge Fixed Bridge Gold

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Brand New LR Baggs X-Bridge for Fender US Standard Strat

Imagine one guitar that is perfect for blues or rock and roll, has the ultimate clean sound, is great for jazz and has a great acoustic sound without feedback. Sounds like an expensive dream, but chances are that you already own this guitar. It's your beloved Strat. And all that it has been waiting for to unleash this hidden potential is our vibration bridge pickup, the X-Bridge from L.R. Baggs.

When we decided to apply our fifteen years of transducer design experience to amplifying the electric guitar, we were faced with the task of first choosing a guitar and then a bridge. The Strat was a pretty obvious choice. But when we interviewed guitar makers about bridges, we found that there was no existing bridge that had the qualities that we were looking for. So we designed our own. By starting with a clean slate, we did not have to shoehorn our pickups into an off-the-shelf bridge. We could then design the bridge and pickups as an integrated system without compromise. The product of our research, the X-Bridge is beautiful, responsive and dynamic, and has a jaw-dropping sound that redefines what a Strat can do.

U.S. Standard Specifications

  • Works with 2 1/16" or similar E-to-E string spacing and fixed mounting
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