All pricing is exclusive of the cost of strings/parts. This is due to the fact that there are different price points depending on your preference of brand, or you may bring your own strings/parts for us to install! There is also no upfront payment required on any repair or service!

Acoustic / Electric Guitar - $45.00
Ukulele / Violin /Cello / Banjo - $45.00
12 String Acoustic / Mandolin - $60.00
Electric Guitar w/ Floyd Rose - $80.00
Anything Else - $P.O.A

A standard restring includes deep neck clean and oil (if open pore), body clean and polish, restring and tuning to your preference and any minor adjustments you may request.

Acoustic / Electric Guitar - $150.00
Ukulele / Violin / Cello / Banjo - $90.00
12 String Acoustic / Mandolin - $175.00
Electric Guitar w/ Floyd Rose - $200.00
Anything Else - $P.O.A

A full set up is a comprehensive configuration of your instrument. It includes a full fret polish, deep neck clean and oil, clean and polish of all componentry, restring and tuning to your preference, truss rod adjustment, saddle radius and intonation, nut adjustment and bridge adjustment, cleaning and testing of all electronic components (if applicable), setting of pickup height, removal of dirt/corrosion from instrument, balance of floating bridge (if applicable), tightening of jacks, pots, switches, screws and machine heads, saddle/machine head burr removal (if applicable), any other adjustment you may request.

Full Fret Polish - $80.00
Single High Fret Level, Crown and Polish - $80.00
Full Fret Level, Dress and Crown - $350.00
Full Refret - $P.O.A ($700-$900)

If your instrument is suffering from unwanted buzzing, intonation issues or heavy fret wear, it may be time to get some fret work done. A fret polish can bring the life back to your frets, giving you a nice clean sound and playing feel. Fret levelling will remove any unwanted buzz from your instrument. Refrets will require pricing upon admission as there are a lot of variants when it comes to quoting this field of work, but generally run between $700-900 including a full setup.

Piezo Installation - $70.00
Preamp + Piezo Installation - $275.00
Electric Guitar Pickup Installation - $50.00
Active Pickup Installation (Electric Guitar) - $70.00
Anything Else $P.O.A

If your favourite instrument is in need of amplification or you want to change the sound of your favourite guitar, we offer comprehensive pickup replacement and installation. Passive piezo installation is a non-invasive, modest way of electrifying your instrument, no major surgery required. Preamp installation offers a more flexible and powerful signal, but will require cutting into your instrument for installation. Electric guitar pickup installation is a great way to transform the sound of your guitar. Pricing is per single pickup.


All work involving the repair of cracks, breaks and structural damage will need to be brought in for assessment and quoting. No upfront fee is taken on quoting or booking in your repair, so it's totally up to you! Get in contact with us today.

Strap Pin Installation - $20.00
Output Jack Replacement - $50.00
Potentiometer Replacement - $60.00
Toggle/Selector Switch Replacement - $60.00
Machine Head Replacement - $15.00 Single / $60.00 Full Set
Cavity Shielding - $120.00
Vibrato Replacement - $50.00
Bone Nut Cut and Install - $100.00
Custom Wiring Configurations (Series/Parallel, Coil Splitting, Phase Switching) - $P.O.A (Dependent on Hardware Configuration)
Factory Replacement of Missing Parts - $P.O.A
Inlay Re-glue - $P.O.A
Anything Else - $P.O.A
All uncollected instruments left in excess of 2 months after the date of completion with invoices unpaid are forefeited to Deep Tone Music PTY LTD with no exceptions.

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