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Behringer 1027 Clocked Sequential Control Module

Behringer 1027 Clocked Sequential Control Module

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Legendary 2500 Series 8-Position Step Sequencer Module for Eurorack

The CLOCKED SEQUENTIAL CONTROL MODULE 1027 is a classic 8-step 3 channel sequencer. The 1027 features integral 8-step counter with a large rate control knob and low/high range switch to set the perfect tempo for your masterpiece, the counter also features a pulse width control and a switch to enable external control for added flexibility, a large illuminated on/off switch and manual step and reset switches. The 3 sets of 8 color coded knobs allow you full control over the 3 CV output voltages to control external VCO frequency or filter cut off frequency for each step of the sequence.

  • Classic 1027 clocked sequential controller module from the '70s
  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the "2500" Series
  • Contains an integrated circuit 8-step counter and 3 channels (A, B and C) of control voltages
  • 8 rows of 3 controls provide 3 independently adjustable voltage outputs for each step of the counter
  • Built-in time base generator allows the sequencer to step automatically
  • Each row has an adjacent LED indicator to display the sequencer count
  • Illuminated push button is used to start and stop the internal clock
  • Rate of the internal clock can be adjusted from a stepping rate of 20 per minute to 400 per second by adjusting the Pulse Repetition Frequency control and the external rate control signal
  • Internal clock can be turned on and off by applying pulses on the appropriate input connections
  • Clock pulse width and duration of the step voltages is adjusted from 0 to 100% by the Pulse Width control and the external width control signal
  • With the clock turned off the sequencer may be stepped along and reset manually using the front panel push buttons
  • Control voltages on channel A, B and C range between 0 to 10 V
  • The 1027 can be used to control other 2500 Series modules including the 1026 Preset Voltages or 1050 Mix Sequencer modules
  • Cable connections are provided on the rear of the PCB for this purpose (cable included)
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