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Behringer BRAINS Digital Oscillator Module

Behringer BRAINS Digital Oscillator Module

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High-Resolution Multi-Engine Oscillator Module for Eurorack with 20 Synthesis Engines, 96 kHz Sound Quality and OLED Oscilloscope

The Behringer BRAINS is an amazingly versatile digital sound source for creating percussion sounds, leads and basses, as well as drones and soundscapes. With 20 digital oscillator modes, including many different control engines, you’ve got a wealth of different sounds and timbres to create some wild and out-of-this-world patches using chords, harmonic oscillation, particle noise, analog bass drum, snare, hi hat and even speech.

  • Amazing sound powerhouse for anything from percussion, leads and basses to drums, drones and soundscapes
  • 20 digital oscillators including 15 Mutable Instruments Plaits* engines for infinite sound creation
  • High-resolution 96 kHz synthesis for unsurpassed sound quality
  • Inspiring OLED oscilloscope for waveform visualization
  • Synthesis models designed for pitched sounds like ripping leads, lush chords and ethereal pads
  • 10 synth engines: Virtual Analog, Waveshaper, FM, Grains, Additive, Chords, Speech, Karplus, Hypersaw and Wavetable
  • 10 percussion and noise engines: Rain, Noise, Dust, Modal Strings, FM Drum, Bass, Snare, Hi Hat, Cowbell and Tom
  • Multi-functional Timbre and Harmonics controls for complex synthesis
  • Morph control to seamlessly change the character of the selected sound sources
  • 2 separate audio outputs for both main sound and a dynamic variant
  • USB connector for easy firmware update
  • Eurorack specs: 16HP, 130mA +12V, 10mA -12V
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