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Behringer FOURPLAY Quad Volt Module

Behringer FOURPLAY Quad Volt Module

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Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifiers and Mixer Module for Eurorack

The FOUR PLAY is a feature rich quad VCA module with CV input attenuators, each with a bi-color LED to indicate CV input activity and polarity. Input boost switches add extra gain for lower level input signals. The curve controls allow you to setup the ideal CV response curve from fully exponential to linear, or any combination of the two. The level controls set the VCA gain and allow manual control of the signal output level, both when used as independent VCA’s or when used as a mixer. The VCA’s are DC coupled so can process both audio signals and CV signals.

  • Ultra-low noise quad VCA and mixer module
  • Each VCA features manual Level control for independent mixing
  • Dedicated CV attenuators with dual LED's for monitoring of bipolar CV signals
  • Adjustable VCA response curve from linear to exponential
  • Each CV input is normalled to the adjacent input for cascaded control
  • Each output is normalled to the mix input of the adjacent output for cascaded control
  • Each VCA features a Boost switch for increased output level (6 dB)
  • 16 controls and switches give you real-time access to all important parameters
  • Eurorack specs: 12 HP, 100 mA +12V, 100 mA -12V
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