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Behringer Sat 1004 PA Bundle 8" Sub W/ 4 X 4" Speaker

Behringer Sat 1004 PA Bundle 8" Sub W/ 4 X 4" Speaker

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SAT 1004 Bundle

Looking for the ideal way to set up your speaker bundle? The SAT 1004 Bundle has everything you need to replay high-quality music for the most sophisticated environment. Included in this incredible speaker bundle you’ll find the SAT 1008 SUBA active subwoofer, 4 SAT 1004 passive satellites, 8 NL4 lockable connectors and 30 meters of robust and flexible speaker cable.


The SAT 1008 SUBA 600-Watt active subwoofer is the ultimate in low-frequency reproduction, and the built-in stereo crossover makes it ideally suited for use with any of our active 2-way loudspeakers. Powered by a 600-Watt Class-D amplifier, 8” long-excursion subwoofer and an incredible array of professional features, the SAT 1008 SUBA produces extreme levels of rich, deep and tight bass.

SAT 1004

The SAT 1004 2-way speaker merges stunningly accurate sound reproduction with a neo-classic design, making it perfect for even the most sophisticated environment. The SAT1004 is an exceptional choice for a wide range of fixed installations, such as stereo and surround applications, home recording studios, restaurants, gyms and bars,– as well as audio and video production suites.

Sound Value

Stop by your local authorized Behringer dealer and listen to the SAT 1004 Bundle today. Compare them to the competition, the SAT 1004 Bundle is ideal for any music application – at a price that is unheard of in this class. When you see and hear what they can do, you’ll want your own Behringer SAT 1004 Bundle – with money to spare!

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