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Behringer SYSTEM55 Complete Modular Synth

Behringer SYSTEM55 Complete Modular Synth

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Complete "System 55" Modular Synthesizer with 38 Modules, MIDI-to-CV Converter and 2 EURORACK GO cases

The SYSTEM 55 is an amazing tool for those who want the ultimate modular synthesizer capable of fully scoring that next cyberpunk or sci-fi movie from start to finish. This entire setup comes equipped with a 914 FIXED FILTER BANK which features 12 active bandpass filters ranging from 125 Hz to 5.6 kHz with additional Low Pass and High Pass filters and one 923 FILTER MODULE with separate Low and High Pass filters each with their own dedicated frequency cutoff controls and jacks for both pink and white noise. But that’s only the start, with the SYSTEM 55 comes with so many more modules, you’re sure to have hours and hours of fun creating beats that you can just lose yourself in.

  • Pre-assembled ”SYSTEM 55“ modular synthesizer with 38 vintage sounding modules from the ’70s
  • 1x 914 FIXED FILTER BANK with 12 active bandpass filters ranging from 125 Hz - 5.6 kHz and LP/HP filters
  • 1x 923 FILTERS modules with 6 dB low and high pass filters and white/pink noise sources
  • 1x 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES module allows CV mixing and switching with 1 inverting attenuator
  • 5x 902 VOLTAGE CONTROLLED AMPLIFIER with 3 summed CV inputs and dual audio inputs and outputs
  • 4x 911 ENVELOPE GENERATORS with S-trig inputs and CV outputs
  • 1x 911A DUAL TRIGGER DELAY module with S-trig input and output
  • 2x 921A OSCILLATOR DRIVER with 6x 921B VCOs and 1x 921 VCO gives you 7 fully featured voices
  • 1x 960 SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER module provides up to 24-step sequences in 8 steps with 3 rows
  • 1x CM1A MIDI to CV converter enables control by MIDI keyboards or DAW, V-trig or S-trig outputs
  • 3x CP3A-O module allows CV mixing and switching for the VCOs with 1 attenuator
  • 3x CP3A-M 4 input mixer with master level, 4 outputs and 2 sets of 4 multiples
  • 2x 995 ATTENUATORS modules with 3 linked passive attenuators
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