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Elixir Optiweb Nickel Electric Guitar Strings 10-59 (7 String)

Elixir Optiweb Nickel Electric Guitar Strings 10-59 (7 String)

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Elixir® Electric Nickel Plated Steel Strings with OPTIWEB® Coating give you the performance of a natural string — that crisp tone, natural feel and playable grip you know and love—without sacrificing the signature long-lasting tone life of Elixir Strings.

  • Only coated string brand to protect the entire string With an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between the windings
  • Played for the same crisp tone as an uncoated string
  • OPTIWEB Coating provides a natural feel
  • Electric guitar strings constructed with nickel-plated steel wrap wire
  • Our coating technology protects against common corrosion and debris buildup, extending tone life longer than any other brand’s coated or uncoated strings
  • Anti-Rust Plating on plain steel strings ensures longer tone life for the entire set
  • With less hassle and expense of frequent string changes, spend more time making music










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